Shaping the future starts
with todays actions
The world is changing faster than ever before.
Megatrends shake up the construction industry: demand for sustainable buildings (due to climate change and resource scarcity) is raising and the population of the world's urban areas is increasing by 200,000 people per day (rapid urbanization) . They all need housing, schools, hospitals, community spaces and transportation. In the face of such challenges, the industry is almost under a moral obligation to transform and use technology to reduce waste, increase project delivery efficiency and innovation.

To ensure that the transition to a more automated building projects design, delivery and operation is as smooth as possible, it is time for all industry players and researchers to join forces and explore new alternatives. Let's do it together and take action. Today!
Joanna is the founder of Kvalho, the Zürich based innovation and service design company. Prior to launching her company, she gained experience in entrepreneurship and innovation deployment, while working in various engineering, business development and project management roles internationally.

Her passion for trends and transformation of the built environment led her to initiating KvalhoTalks where she interviews some of the world's top experts, successful innovators and visionary entrepreneurs in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and & Real Estate industry. She helps define, analyse and discuss global trends in the built environment. The talks quickly gained popularity within the international professional community.

Joanna holds an M.Sc. in Structural Engineering and has completed various courses in business, project management and innovation management.

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